Want to buy Export Quality Water Closet?

Don't know from where to buy?

European water closet – ECW- Orissa Pan WC



Amour Ceramics are one of the leading suppliers of European water closet which is also known as EWC. This kind of toilets is easy to maintain and highly hygienic to use.

Our EWC comes in various designs such as wall hung water closet, Floor mounting EWC, One Piece EWC, Square shaped water closet, S Trap EWC, P trap water closet and Orissa Pan (Indian Water closet, IWC).

This water closet made with the highest quality ceramic raw material with utmost care. Moreover, we continuously work on making user-friendly and unique designs and give a trendy look to your bathroom. You can also choose EWC from our white sanitary ware collection. It comes in various sizes, dimension, and designs.

So buy it from one of the leading EWC manufacturers of Morbi, Gujarat India. You also drop export Inquiry to us.


Things to consider before buying Water closets

Customers don’t pay attention when it comes to buying water closet. Well, it is not that simple. There are many points you should consider before making a purchase. In today’s world bathroom is the style statement. We have hundreds of toilets design/ styles to make your bathroom look elegant.


Choose the best water closet

There are numerous models available, and you should know which design is best for you. Modern water closet comes in different style, shape, design, and colors. It can be Indian style toilet (Orissa pan), or floor/wall mounted water closet. Floor mounted water closet is more famous in hotels, offices, or highly crowded buildings. 

According to one of our dealer who is selling our sanitary ware in Bangalore, customers who are looking sanitaryware for projects chooses floor mounted toilets.    

Our premium quality closets come in round, rectangular and square shape. You can choose one piece with attached flush tanks, Orissa pan (Indian toilet) or two piece closets with the separate flush tank.

So what is the best Water Closet?

You should always choose comfort over design as you have to seat daily on it. Your closet should not waste water and at the same time waste should be flushed quickly. If we come to the design point, then we have the classy design available in every shape of EWC. So you don’t need to worry about the look of your bathroom.

Taking Final call

Now you know basic anatomy of toilets so we can take a final call of buying toilet manufacturer of Morbi.

What is the best water closet? Check below points before making buying calls.

  • Is it hygienic?
  • Is it water shaver?
  • Is it durable?
  • What size is best? Small or large
  • How much space can be utilized for European water closet/ Orissa pan?
  • What color goes with your interior?
  • What is the shape, round, square or rectangular?
  • What are the price and features?