Vitrified tiles

Flooring is one of the important aspects of Interior designing and our vitrified tiles plays vital role to give style quotient to your Home decor.  

We are one of the leading Vitrified tile manufacturer in Morbi. Our tiles come in various design, texture, patterns and sizes. We are also leading export focused Indian Vitrified tiles brand.

This tiles are suitable for residential and commercial buildings, its unmatched strength is ideal for heavy footfall area such as Mall, Air ports and railway station.

We are providing 4 types of tiles which are NANO, Double charge (DC), Glaze Vitrified Tiles (GVT) and Polished Glaze Vitrified Tiles (PGVT). These ceramic tiles are available in the size of 600mm X 600mm (24 inch X 24 inch), 800mm X 800mm (32 inch X 32 inch) 600mm X 1200mm (24 inch X 48 inch). These designs are widely accepted in Indian Market and Export market such as UAE, MAXICO, African countries, Poland and other European countries.

NANO Polished vitrified tiles

Our ivory collection of Nano Vitrified tiles looks elegant in any house. We crafted our design specially to fit all your requirements. People will love our designs who do not want to compromise on quality.  

Flora Nano 600 X 600 Vitrified Tiles

Double Charge Vitrified Tiles

Simple yet elegant, our Jaw dropping Double charge Vitrified collection is one of the most demanding products. We are leading double charge vitrified tiles manufacturer of Morbi.

Double charge Vitrified tiles 600mm X 600mm

Glaze vitrified tiles

Our GVT Tiles collection comes with various remarkable designs which includes marble finish, sugar finish, wooden, Bamboo, slate, stone and what not.


Polished Glaze Vitrified Tiles   

PGVT Tiles are upgraded version of GVT tiles, it comes with extra gloss and it is more shiny.

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